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Who am I: I'm really into bushcraft and the outdoor life. I love beans! Red is my colour key. I lost my inheritance through a bad business deal.

Genesis 25:27-34
Relationship With God
Guy L Engelbart  

Feast of Tabernacles

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You know Mr. Antion was talking about our moving to Cleveland when I saw him last month in Pasadena, in September, and we were talking about the moving, of course he used to live in Akron for a number of years with his family and he said, Guy I really feel sorry for you moving to Cleveland and he said that the Akron area was beautiful, but he didn't think too much of the Cleveland area and to a degree I can understand what he is saying back there now the area is so beautiful with the trees and the leaves changing all sorts of brilliant colors, something like what it is here, perhaps even a little more vivid actually than what it is here in this beautiful area...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: October 23, 1978