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Where did David fight Goliath?
The Valley of Elah.

I Samuel 17
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Prophecy is a very broad subject so I should like to today discuss this area in some manner that might be of help to all of us at this time. Therefore what I would like to focus in on is what I would call the history, the prophecy in the Church, by the Church I mean those who have been converted and a part of the congregation of God, if you please, from Abel to this today. Because we want to take a broad look at a matter that I think is important and would help us better understand and grasp the subject as of 1977. We're going to look at how prophecy has been given, what was not known and at what time certain things became known and why God doesn't make everything known...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: May 7, 1977
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