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Who was Jeremiah's scribe?

Jeremiah 32
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The day of Pentecost, the 3rd time, but first in Acts 2 that's been heard here a couple of times before, I'd like to have you turn there though and correct an incorrect, secretive, hidden away, deliberate attempt to get away from God's Holy Days. If you can imagine some of the teachings of the churches in the world, I grew up in the Baptist for some 20 years, my embarrassment, preached 8 or 10 times in the Baptist church, to my pleasure, I preached what they didn't like to hear so I got the thumb. Now most people just get thrown out of the ball game, but I got thrown out of the church and the ministry and everything else, but I don't grieve over that a bit. I thought you could preach anything you found in the Bible...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.