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Who did Jesus say showed more repentance than his generation?
The people of Ninevah.

Luke 11:32
The Meaning of the Feast of Trumpets
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Well good morning brethren; very good to look out and to see so many of you here on this God's Holy Day, the first day of the seventh month of God's sacred calendar, the Feast of Trumpets 1979. In the sermonette Mr. Richmond commented on the trumpet and on the significance of the trumpet. You know when we think of a trumpet we normally think of the musical instrument the brass instrument, that we call a trumpet in modern times and the music that it plays, but the trumpet that is spoken of in the book of Leviticus, when it talks about the Feast of Trumpets, the day of the memorial of the blowing of trumpets as it is termed in Leviticus 23, the word that the Bible uses in the original Hebrew is the word shofar...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: September 22, 1979