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What happened to "Manna" when the Israelites tried to keep it?
It bred worms and smelt rotten.

Exodus 16:20
True Happiness
Feast of Tabernacles
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Aloha brethren, yea right, see Mr. Ames has been there or else somebody told him what to do in Hawaii whenever you say aloha to everyone, they always say it back, I'll do it again, it means hello, how are you, welcome, all of those things. Aloha brethren, [Aloha]. Now that's done where brethren in Hawaii, so now we have Hawaii represented today. We have over one thousand members attending the Feast in Hawaii on the Island of Maui. You probably read about that as one of our Feast sites.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: 1979
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