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What unusual command did Joshua give the sun and the moon?
He commanded them to stand still.

Joshua 10:12
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Well, I hope that even though it has been rather rainy and wet here at least during part of the feast that you got alone alright and you didn't suffer particularly. On another subject, this Monday, let's see this is Wednesday the day before yesterday in Tucson, Mr. Armstrong had a Ministerial luncheon with the Ministers and they have there in Tucson about one tenth of the ordained Ministers, including Elders of the Worldwide Church in the whole world, they have about 64, I think it is, 64 or 65 Ministers and Elders and there are about 660 around the world so about ten percent of them are there in Tucson.

Note: Part 1 is the previous evening Bible Study - Part 2 is the next day sermon of the Last Great Day]

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: October 19, 1981