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What woman in Joppa was "always doing good and helping the poor"?

Acts 9:36
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Bill Brown made a million, Bill Brown think of that, a boy you remember as poor as a rat who hoed for the neighbors at jobs by the day, well Bill's made a million or near it they say, well you can't understand it well neither can I and then I remember and now I know why, the bell might be ringing the dinner horn blow, but Bill always hoed to the end of the row. Now Bill worked for my father you may recall he wasn't a wonder not that not at all, he could not out hoe me of cover more ground or hoe any cleaner or beat me around in fact I was better one way that I knew, getting back to the house when the dinner horn blew, one toot from the kitchen and home I would go, but Bill always hoed to the end of the row.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: 1978