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What am I: I am a place of safety for anyone who accidentally killed another. A person who caused an accidental death could take refuge with in my walls, until he stood before the congregation on trial.
City of Refuge.

Joshua 20
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The afternoon sermon is always interesting because, number one it proves quite a challenge to be able to keep the audience awake, you know after they've eaten and are well filled and perhaps eaten a little too much or imbibe a little too freely not to the point of course as drunkenness just to the point of sleepiness, drowsiness and so I always find an afternoon audience is one of the most interesting because you can look around you can see the people who have either eaten or drunk a little too much and who gets sleepy, you know you can see the sinners so it gives us a good opportunity to a really, you know look around over the audience and sort out the saints from the sinners...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: July 3, 1976