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On Pentecost what happened when the disciples were filled with the holy spirit?
They spoke in other tongues.

Acts 2:4
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Good to be back here with you, certainly enjoyed the special music, very beautiful selection, very well done. It's always one of the things that is so enjoyable at the Feast the opportunity to hear the music, the singing, that so much work goes into the preparation of. Well brethren we are here of course celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles and we're celebrating a time that is described in Isaiah chapter 11, Isaiah chapter 11, verse 1 talks about, there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jessy and a branch shall grow up out of his roots. The spirit of the Eternal shall rest upon him and the spirit of wisdom... Feast of Tabernacles - Pigeon Forge, TN

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: 2000