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What claim did Paul make to avoid being beaten, in Jerusalem, by a Roman Centurion?
Roman citizenship.

Acts 22:25
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On the world scene we see things that are happening, very interesting article from the Reuter news agency, I don't have it right here before me, but statements the Pope made in response, sort of his summation of the events of 2003 looking out to 2004 and he said, "you know what the world needs, is a new international order", I wonder where he got that? You know maybe he's been reading Revelation 13 or Revelation 17 recently. What the world needs is a new international order, that will provide peace and he talked about US invading Iraq without United Nations sanction and he said we need to learn from the experience of the United Nations and some of these other things and we need to build a new international order...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: January 17, 2004