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What did the man with one talent do with it?
He buried it.

Matthew 25:18
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Remember Lot's wife, now Lot as you know, was a man who was nephew of Abraham and his father Haran H-a-r-a-n was Abraham's brother and was deceased. There is a story, Jewish source that Haran was a firm faithful believer in Polytheism and specifically his god or his chosen god was the moon goddess and that Haran, upon conversion and calling of Abraham that Haran withstood Abraham and the true God and that he was destroyed in the temple in which he worshiped as a result of this confrontation, that is not something that is confirmed by scripture, but I think it is, perhaps an interesting thought because in the story of Lot and of Abraham it seems that there was a sense of responsibility that Abraham felt toward his nephew Lot.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: March 11, 1995