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What two officers of his court did Pharoah put in prison?
The baker and the butler.

Genesis 40

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Text below starts at 1:00:30 thru 1:02:30 - The most common responses I've heard from the Ministry in the current round of apostasy, is as follows: (1) Well I have to let Christ do something, He's in charge of His Church, so it's Christ Church, well I think you know my feeling about that. If Christ puts each or any of us in a position of responsibility in His Church then He is in charge through us, isn't He? And we have a duty and a responsibility to act for Him. We can't dodge it! And Ministers can't dodge it forever! The day is coming when they're going to be placed in a position where they will answer for what they choose to do! This idea of we just have to let Christ do something, He's in charge. I think this isn't going to stand up. When Christ asks His Ministry, why did you not teach and warn My people? And how could you allow heresy lead to apostasy a falling away from truth of My people, you who are accountable as overseers of My flock? You know the scripture makes it real clear what happens to one who flees when the lion appears. A true Shepherd will defend against the lion and the ravenous beast but a hireling will flee!

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: April 16, 1994
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