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What should a person do about Sabbath visitors?
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What should a person do about Sabbath visitors?
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Dear Friend:

   We are often asked, "What should a person do about Sabbath visitors?"

   Unconverted friends do come to visit on the Sabbath occasionally. If our friends come on the Sabbath, should we dismiss them just because it is the Sabbath Day? What should we talk about?

   First, guide the conversation with your unconverted friend so that it becomes constructive. For example, you can talk about world news. This would be obeying Christ's command to watch world news (Matt. 25:13), although you need not necessarily refer to scriptures to antagonize your unconverted friend.

   As it is the Sabbath Day, you naturally should have your Bible and notes in plain view do not be ashamed to admit that you have been studying the Bible. The open Bible on the table will invariably send your unconverted friends away rapidly! Or they may become interested in what you are studying. Tell them what it is if they ask.

   Your keeping of the Sabbath is a SIGN that sets you apart from those who follow this world. Undoubtedly you may have to face questions about the Sabbath. Tell your guests only the minimum. You may have to explain this is just not the day on which to socialize and do business.

   If these should be out-of-town guests, you should be hospitable and even prepare them a meal if the need arises. Christ would be a perfect host in such a circumstance. It is wise to keep a certain amount of food on hand for such emergencies so as not to do heavy preparation should out-of-town guests drop by on the Sabbath.

   Should neighbors make a habit of dropping by on the Sabbath, it would become necessary to explain your belief and request that they visit some other day.


Letter Number: 958

Publication Date: 1961
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