Timeline: 4. Abraham To Moses or The Fathers - Genesis 12 to Exodus 6
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Timeline: 4. Abraham To Moses or The Fathers - Genesis 12 to Exodus 6

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   The word "had" should be omitted from Gen. 12:1. Thus God spoke to Abram right after Terah's death (Gen. 11:32. Thus Terah's 3 sons were not all born in his 70th year (Gen. 11:26).
   Abram was born in his 130th year which explains why he could marry his half-brother's daughter (Gen. 20:12).
   Sarah is the only women whose life-span is given in the Bible.
   Isaac was born on Nisan 14 according to Jewish tradition.
   Abraham almost sacrificed him when he was 33 as we surmise since he was a type of Christ.
   The date of Job's affliction is surmised from history since he was the Cheops of Egyptian history who built the Great Pyramid. There was probably only about 100 years of actual slavery for the Israelites. The King who knew not Joseph when the people began to multiply was Phiops, who reigned for 94 years, till one year before the Exodus. In 240 years the Israelites grew from 70 to 3 million.
Abraham (175) - Sarah (127) - Isaac (180) - Jacob (147) - Esau - Joseph (110) - Job - Levi (137) - Kohath (133) - Amram (137) - Aaron (120) - Moses (120) Joshua; Abraham departs to Canaan upon the death of his father Terah at age 75. The Battle of the Kings, Rescue of Lot and Tithes to Melchizedek (Gen. 14). Covenant with Abraham, Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 17-19. The 20 years servitude of Jacob to Laban during the second 7 of which his 12 sons were born (Gen. 29-30). The 430 years of Exodus 12:40 and Galaitians 3:17. Job afflicted. Family of Jacob comes to Egypt (Gen. 46, 47:28). 7 years of plenty and 7 of famine (Gen. 41). Joseph becomes ruler of Egypt (Gen. 41:46). Joseph sold into slavery (Gen. 37). Moses slays the Egyptian and flees to Midian (Exodus 2:11, Acts 7:23). The new king arose who knew not Joseph (Exodus 1:18). The Exodus.

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