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In the last issue of the Pastor's Report we mentioned a new service developed for Mail Processing by the Data Processing Center. It is called the "Member Progression Report." We explained how this new report can help us evaluate the growth patterns of newly baptized members — and give us insight in how to develop programs to help potential donors, co-workers, and prospective members in their spiritual growth.

Now, in this issue, we'd like to share with you an example of what the "Member Progression Report" can actually show us. The following is a brief summary of the data for March 1979:

The Member Progression Report showed that 252 people were entered in the computer as being baptized in March 1979. This is how they all compared:

23% (58) were not on the mailing list. (They were probably friends or members of Church families, and had access to the Work's literature).

The average length of time on the list before becoming a member was three years.

The average time it took for the people to become a co-worker was 20 months.

The average time to become a donor was two months. (30% actually sent in a contribution with their first correspondence with us).

Another significant aspect of the MPR is that it shows all the literature requested by newly baptized members over the past year. This feature will be especially helpful as we work to develop biblical literature to help and assist the spiritual growth which God is producing in these people's lives. As we have mentioned many times, our programs are simply to help plant and water. It is God who gives the increase!

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Pastor General's ReportMay 21, 1979Vol 3 No. 18