Stanley R Rader & Ralph K Helge  

We regret that it is necessary to advise you of another problem we have uncovered.

Let us first say that it is not God's way to accuse. It is not God's way to make public accusations against an individual. God's way is to forgive when a person repents and to cover the wrong. This is what we tried to do.

However, sometimes it is necessary to bring up facts when a failure to do so will perhaps lead some people to fall away from God's Truth. It is to protect the flock that we bring you this information.

Ted Armstrong has been disseminating false and defamatory rumors designed to destroy this work. The latest accusation concerns Mr. Ray Wright and the financial aspects of God's Work. To save some of the brethren, who may be weak in the faith, from falling away due to not having all the facts, we must again set the record straight.

These are the facts: Ted Armstrong, when he was serving in the office of Executive Vice President of the Church and President of the College, was the direct overseer of God's money. He authorized a member of his staff, Mr. Raymond L. Wright, to misuse monies that the faithful members of God's family had contributed. And, so none of you will doubt, we have that written authorization in our possession.

Ted Armstrong authorized Mr. Wright to pay secretly, out of Church funds, God's money to a private corporation owned by Mr. Wright and Robert Kuhn in Texas. Ted Armstrong's act of authorizing such payment of Church funds laid the foundation and permitted a greater misuse of God's tithe money in subsequent months.

In spite of the clandestine procedures involved, the scheme was uncovered during an audit by Mr. Jack Kessler, and others on the internal auditing staff.

But there is good news in the final analysis. The experience has served to prove the effectiveness of God's auditing procedures and we are pleased to report that by virtue of swift legal action having been taken, God's work has been able to either recover God's tithe money or obtain adequate assurance of its repayment.

The two men still in God's Work have repented of their involvement in this matter. And when a man repents of his sins God forgives him of the spiritual wrong. He separates his sin as far as East is from the west and he stands clean and forgiven before God.

As the scripture reads, if we do not forgive our brethren once they have repented, then God will not forgive us for our sins (Matt. 6:14-15). Therefore, let us now forgive and forget the matter as to those who remain faithful to God's work, and go on and defend the work on renewed faith against those that Satan is using in an attempt to destroy it through every possible means available.

—Stanley R. Rader
Ralph K. Helge

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Pastor General's ReportDecember 19, 1978Vol 2 No. 47