Roger G Lippross  

Good things are still happening with the PT Newsstand Program. We are at the moment printing new newsstand subscription response cards for the next three issues and we have designed things so that we will be able to tabulate response on an issue by issue basis. This will give us, among other things, valuable information regarding the type of editorial mix that pulls better than another.

As mentioned before, we have been evaluating the PT outlets that we pay for on the basis of their real worth to us as far as the cost per response goes. For example, the money saved by just using the shops and newsstands that want our magazine and give us free space will allow us to print an extra 350,000 magazines 'per year, and at the same time give us greater distribution!

Now that we are better known by the distributors and the business community, we find they are coming to us offering their services for free. This is because they see that the public wants our magazine, which in turn gives them more business by bringing the public into their shops and newsstands.

— Roger Lippross, Publishing Services

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Pastor General's ReportNovember 22, 1978Vol 2 No. 43