Greetings fellow ministers:

   It was very good to see many of you at the Festival sites I visited during the Feast of Tabernacles. Rushed schedules during the Feast do not normally permit very much opportunity to get together with many of you, but what there is certainly is always a delight to me.

   Mr. Armstrong's Pastor's Report copy just after the Feast, followed by his Co-Worker letter dated October 23rd were very encouraging. Let me quote one brief paragraph: "The ecstasy — the inspiration — the gratitude — the praise to God for this year's wonderful Festival still holds me enthralled!" Those are truly beautiful words. They're inspiring and motivating, uplifting and encouraging!

   Thanks deeply to each one of you who worked so hard, stood solidly in the "gaps," dealt faithfully with the problems, gently steered with loving care the troubled members through the rough places, fought vigorously against the forces of Satan our adversary — all of which contributed dynamically to making such a wonderful Feast possible.

   I believe there are several important things to be observed from this Feast. First and foremost is that the Brethren in God's Church around the World have once again clearly shown that they are converted (I'm talking about the masses — not the exceptions), that they meant it when they said "It's all the way with Christ" at the time of repentance and baptism. I believe they have shown that they are not weak but rather are "strong in the Lord," with the quality of endurance, are dedicated to this Work in good attitudes, and are loyal to God and the Great Commission of His Church.

   Further, I feel that God's people have, as though with a common voice and in a "shout of acclamation, " said to Jesus Christ our Head and Chief Administrator, to Mr. Herbert Armstrong our leader among men and to us in Christ's ministry, the shepherds of His people, that "We're with you — we've seen the turn around and we like it. Even if we may not know every detail about what's happening and why, we do see the reorientation, the redefinition of goals and purposes and we're with it all the way! " I believe this Feast of Tabernacles constituted a massive "vote of confidence" in this Work's leadership.

   Now, in my assessment, our brethren are saying "Since we've made the 'turn' let's get our 'act together,' let's see growth and God's Church on the move once again; let's reach out to this world in ever more power with Christ's message of hope, promise and an abundant future!"

   Our Festival attendances were a plus this year and thankfully more than we anticipated. Offerings were considerably better than last year in relationship to attendance figures. Our brethren are indeed "the givingest people in the world" as one Evangelist expressed it during the Feast.

   Next year, there is no reason why our attendance totals worldwide can't be substantially higher than this year' s. God's way is that He will give an abundant harvest. But in the natural order the rains, the feeding and the nourishing must first come in due season to make that harvest possible. God's way is for those who till the soil and work in the fields to do all those things necessary to produce the harvest to work with diligence, with industry and with care. When this is done, God blesses those labors with abundant yield.

   Any farmer knows that what he reaps in the fall is going to be commensurate to what he did in the spring and summer.

   What I am saying is that I believe with all ~ being that God wants to give us a "bumper crop" this year. He is the One who gives us that increase. That's His area and He can do it well! But doing the work in the "spring and summer" — that's our work and we need to do that well — always with sincere prayer for God guidance and blessing.

   Mr. Armstrong has written much in recent weeks and months about the need for unity and teamwork in Christ's Church. Recently, I have tried to follow Mr. Armstrong's lead and take some of the initiative in efforts to bring this team-spirit, unity, mutual esteem and support to a greater realization.

   I am asking each of you to review Mr. Armstrong's article in the Pastor's Report dated July 24th. On page 4 we are clearly instructed not to preach contrary to the Church's official teachings. We are part of a team to pull together, not cause division.

   Read again the Report dated September 11th. In this article Mr. Armstrong is profuse in expressing his gratitude and love for the loyalty of the ministers in standing staunchly behind him, behind Christ and the GREAT GOD OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN! But he has instructed us to serve in harmony.

   On the top of page 4 Mr. Armstrong said, "Your diligence, loyalty and faithfulness, coupled with the leadership that the living Christ enables me to give you — THAT IS THE TEAMWORK AND UNITY, under Christ's guidance, inspiration and power, that has continued to pull God's Church through all attacks by Satan."

   Fellow ministers, this instruction is our "WORK ORDER." Our cue is taken from the instructions given by the Apostle of Jesus Christ guiding His Work today.

   As you all well know, we do not believe in so-called "witchhunts." We don't snoop to find dirt, negative reports and accusations so we can move against the accused. God's Word says not to receive an accusation brought against an elder, but rather that every word is to be established by two or three witnesses.

   During the sometimes turbulent, confusing times we have endured, we have not always even acted on the reports of two or three witnesses. Rather, we have tried to understand the contributing factors, uncertain conditions and at times lack of adequate answers.

   However, the time has come to act. Patience, mercy, trust, justice and fair treatment will continue. But, we simply are going to take action against ministers who preach and/or teach any other doctrine than that which they received and were taught in the Church. This is not a threat, it is a simple statement of fact. No one need to worry or fear except the guilty.

   Confusion, disorder and disunity are not God's way. If any differences in understanding exist or should occur, there is a way to deal with them. But, causing confusion among the brethren is not one of those ways.

   I realize these are strong words but they are said in love. Love, first of all to God's Work and our brethren and love toward all of you even the few who may not be able to further walk with us. We simply wish to relieve such people of the pressure to do something they no longer believe.

   Thanks again for the great job the vast majority of you are doing. Keep it up and let's work together in love and harmony and reap the blessings God will give as a result of our diligent labors.

Sincerely, in Christ's service,
C. Wayne Cole

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Pastor General's ReportNovember 08, 1978Vol 2 No. 41