Ron Dick  

News from all the Y.O.U. Festival activities has not come in yet, but those we have heard from had glowing reports. The dances seemed to go much better this year. Talent contests were much crisper. Shows were held to under one and a half hours with all judging completed before the show.

Several areas reported increased participation from the youth in service projects on Youth Day, and those sermons we heard about were considered superior. Youth Holy Day offerings were up from last year with one site more than doubling its previous mark. That site had one offering from a nineteen-year-old of more than four thousand dollars for both first and last days combined. That's youthful zeal!

Youth Conference: Travel planning for the Y.O.U. conference must be done quickly because of the Christmas travel rush at that time. Those who are flying may want to make their own reservations and send us the names involved. We will have the tickets prepaid from Pasadena. If you make your own reservations please try to fly from a nearby trunk city where possible. If arrangements can be made locally to transport the representatives to a major city much can be saved in time and hassle for the travelers.

If you can make a seven day excursion reservation, it is possible to leave Pasadena on Friday (Dec. 29), but we hope very few will need to arrive on Thursday as the college does not break until the 22nd of December.

Those within approximately 1200 miles will be given bus fare and a food allotment for the trip to Pasadena. Any who can fly for less than the cost of bus fare please let us know soon so we can purchase your airline tickets along with the rest who will be flying.

We hope everything goes smoothly in your planning. Let us know if we can make your job easier.

— Ron Dick, Y.O.U.

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Pastor General's ReportOctober 31, 1978Vol 2 No. 40