In May of 1977 Subscriber Development began a new service to donors and co-workers which we call the "Reprint Series." This is a brief eight-part article series on the subject of conversion — and is intended to be an inspirational help to those who are being called by God to have an active part in His Work.

The whole purpose of the Reprint Series program has been simply to encourage, motivate, and perhaps stimulate spiritual growth in its readers. Its purpose is not to convert — but we do use some of the best spiritual articles written by leaders in God's Work to help our donors and co-workers understand God's purpose in their lives.

The fruit thus far produced by the Reprint Series shows its effect on co-workers who later become members has been especially beneficial. Here is what the records show: during the past year approximately 20% of all new members have taken the Reprint Series. We realize, of course, that this article series did not convert these people — God was already working with them through the entire gamut of the Work's programs — but we are encouraged by the fact that the Series has seemed to help many of the co-workers who later became members.

The original offer of the Reprint Series, which was made last year, brought an exceptional 29.8% response from donors and co-workers! People are hungering for the truth of God. We feel this small program is helping to satisfy their spiritual appetite.

— Richard Rice, Mail Processing Center

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Pastor General's ReportOctober 03, 1978Vol 2 No. 39