Greetings from Big Sandy! The Festival has almost arrived for another year — 1978! Where the past twelve months have gone, I simply don't know. In the Festival Office, we live from the end of one Feast in preparation for the next. HOPEFULLY, we have done our job well this year and the ministry will be able to say "Another best feast ever!"

As you all know, there are five new sites for 1978: SEATTLE, Washington; FRESNO, California; SARATOGA SPRINGS, New York; NORFOLK, Virginia and SAVANNAH, Georgia. Each new site is unique and should add to the members' Festival week with much better facilities, more interesting and fun attractions, historic side trips or natural beauty not available in the previously used sites.

These areas will undoubtedly make an impression on the ministry too. Following the Feast, we would very much appreciate hearing from any of you with definite opinions about the new sites (and the old ones too!) concerning their viability for future years. It is important that these recommendations be sent in immediately as we will begin to sign contracts for 1979 yet this autumn!

Seriously, we would really appreciate any advice or criticism which will improve the Festival for the brethren in the future. In our eyes, the Festival is in pretty good shape at the present time. Therefore, any impetus for dramatic changes will no doubt have to come from outside the department. Your viewpoint, as a minister, is essential for such further development and growth.

By the time you receive this PASTOR'S REPORT, you may or may not have received your Festival allotment check. All Preaching Elders and Local Elders please note that you have received an increase! When we noticed that the Festival Tithe from the brethren was coming in at a little better rate this year, we were able to plan for a modest increase for those two ministerial offices. Enjoy it!

So, from all of us in Big Sandy to all of you — have a wonderful Feast! As everyone in the Festival Office travels to a site to serve during the Festival, together as a body we will be seeing all of you. Again, until then, have a good Feast and we'll look forward to hearing from you afterward!

— Sherwin McMichael, Festival Office

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Pastor General's ReportOctober 03, 1978Vol 2 No. 39