Ron Dick  

After an analysis of the underlying principles and the present direction of Youth Opportunities United, Mr. Herbert Armstrong has approved the operation of the Church's youth program, including all of the program's social and educational activities.

According to Mr. C. Wayne Cole, the director of Pastoral Administration for the Church and the Division head over YOU, Mr. Armstrong feels that the YOU program is a viable part of the Church and would like to see it continued.

Mr. Cole met with Mr. Armstrong, Wednesday, September 27, at Mr. Armstrong's home in Tucson to discuss, among other subjects, the Youth Educational Service (YES) which is now administered by YOU. Before Wednesday's meeting, Mr. Wayne Cole and Mr. Jim Thornhill, director of YOU, had been involved in meetings concerning various YOU activities. Prior to these meetings a special report covering the full scope of YOU activities and projects, including complete budgetary information, had been submitted to Mr. Armstrong at his request.

The YES program aims to provide children (ages 3 to 12) with a basic foundation in Christian development. Mr. Armstrong said that he was concerned about the type of information that is readily available to children today and, in that light, he felt the educational program was important to the Church youth and that it should continue and grow.

The concept for the YES program originated about three years ago. The program was begun exclusive of YOU and was administered on a local, non-regular basis for about two years. YES carne under the direction of YOU in the early part of 1978. The service is designed especially for children and covers a wide variety of Biblical subjects such as creation, the Ten Commandments, how youth fit into God's plan, the existence and the nature of God, and many others.

— Ron Dick, Y.O.U.


Sample subject matter and lesson material will be presented to Mr. Armstrong for his approval. After such approval we will be sending further instructions concerning implementation of the YES program.

— C. Wayne Cole

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Pastor General's ReportOctober 03, 1978Vol 2 No. 39