Pastor General Staff  

One of the highlights of this year's festival will be a special audio-visual presentation titled "Ambassador Foundation... Magnifying the Church." Color slides, music and commentary by Art Gilmore are being combined on film for this 30-minute program specially prepared for showing at each U.S. festival site and introduced by Messrs. C. Wayne Cole, Sherwin McMichael and Robert Fahey, who will each be attending several areas.

Much time and effort has gone into the planning, production and editing of this project resulting in a captivating, in-depth analysis of how the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation originated, the whys and wherefores of its operation and its goals for the future. It clearly explains the role of the Foundation and its activities in assisting the Church in its great, worldwide Commission. Not only does this special program answer many questions, it also promises to grab the interest of everyone! Please be sure to tell the brethren about this presentation so they will not miss it.

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Pastor General's ReportOctober 03, 1978Vol 2 No. 39