A new flyer has been recently designed by the Subscriber Development staff and Graphics department, which we call the "Add Flyer. " It is sent to all new subscribers to The PLAIN TRUTH and offers them the following literature: Does God Exist?, Why Were You Born?, and The Seven Laws of Success. Responses to this new "Add Flyer" are coming in very well. In the first 18 days after it was first mailed to new subscribers, MPC had received a 16.7% response!

Responses from our offer in The PLAIN TRUTH magazine to all those requesting The Modern Romans booklet has also done exceptionally well. In four weeks time we sent out 32,918 flyers offering The PLAIN TRUTH. As of September 15th, approximately 18% had requested the magazine!

A new article series on "Christian Living" was offered to co-workers and donors in the August "Co-Worker Newsletter." In only four days it had drawn a 5% response from co-workers. We believe that all of these very good response rates show that our readers and supporters are hungry for more of God's Word and that Mr. Armstrong's new drive to spiritually "beef up" the Work's literature and outreach is answering a REAL NEED in people's lives!

Richard Rice, Mail Processing Center

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Pastor General's ReportSeptember 25, 1978Vol 2 No. 38