Ted Herlofson  

Mr. Rader's Video Cassettes — There are approximately 100 video cassettes of Mr. Stan Rader's presentation still in the field which have not been returned to the television department. The value of these cassettes is about $1,500. We would appreciate very much your taking the time to get your cassette in the mail, if you should still have one. These cassettes can be recycled and will save the Work money if they are returned and used again. Please return them to Television in care of John Hicks.

Printing of Local Church Bulletins — An item that is having a greater and greater impact on our budget is that of local churches printing announcements or church bulletins. This is one of those items that we do not budget for and therefore wish to keep as a local church expense. They could be and probably are helpful to those churches that use them, however, they are the type of item that would cut us short in some other area if we were to include it as a regular item in our budget. We appreciate the need but just cannot afford to pay for local bulletins from Headquarters. So please, in the future, take all such expenses out of your local church funds.

Insurance Review — It was brought to our attention that you might want to review your home owner's or tenant's insurance coverage to insure that the limits are sufficient. With the spiraling cost of housing, it is important to be sure that your coverage meets the present replacement cost of your housing and/or furnishings.

— Ted Herlofson, Ministerial Services

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Pastor General's ReportSeptember 18, 1978Vol 2 No. 36