Pastor General's Report

After nearly three months without an issue of the "Co-Worker Newsletter," co-workers and donors are responding with enthusiasm to the June-July issue. (During the recent administrative changes, publication of the "Newsletter" was temporarily suspended until Mr. Herbert Armstrong could give us new guidelines.)

This June-July issue offered one of the Work's newer booklets, Tale of Two Prophets, and has thus far produced a response rate 26% above average! Although it is not one of our "record breakers," we are glad to see this positive response from our supporters.

Mail is up in most categories. For the last couple of weeks Mr. Armstrong's "semi-annual" letter to PLAIN TRUTH subscribers has contributed significantly to our mail volume. During the week ending September 1, response to Mr. Armstrong's letter actually amounted to 20% of the total mail for the week!

Renewals are also bringing in a good quantity of mail. And, the PLAIN TRUTH flyer which we are sending to people who respond to the Modern Romans TV spot commercials is also bringing a good response.

— Richard Rice, Mail Processing Center

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Pastor General's ReportSeptember 11, 1978Vol 2 No. 35