Pastor General's Report
Brian Knowles  

Last Thursday, I had a very instructive meeting with Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Rader concerning The Plain Truth magazine. You've already read Mr. Armstrong's comments in last week's Pastor's Report, so I won't take space to reiterate that material.

Present plans call for a completely redesigned PT beginning with the February number — which, incidentally, will be the 45th anniversary issue of that publication. Mr. Armstrong plans to write a special Personal for that issue.

Essentially, the PT will get back to what it once was in earlier years. There will be much more biblical content and biblical analysis of world trends. The fulfillment of prophecy will be a central theme, as well as articles on "the home, family, the job, school, the human body, the wallet. Articles on marriage, children and family relations... " will proclaim God's teaching on these subjects as it is outlined in the Bible. Other articles will also deal with personal health, finances, and current social conditions. These are Mr. Armstrong's specific instructions for the content of the PT. And they will be faithfully carried out.

Mr. Armstrong also pointed out that "THE GREAT COMMISSION is our UNIQUENESS, our WONDERFUL CALLING that must pervade clearly every issue of The PLAIN TRUTH."

Mr. Armstrong wants the PT to become the "world's best" magazine. We on the PT editorial staff certainly share that wish, and we will do everything possible to cooperate and follow through on his directive. We would appreciate your prayers and support.

Mr. Armstrong has also stated that he does not now wish to see Garner Ted Armstrong's booklets reprinted as planned (see the last Pastor's Report). He wishes to personally rewrite most of them himself. So there will be some necessary delay in getting those subjects covered in our literature.

Mr. Armstrong has been working terribly hard, often putting in 10 to 15-hour days at the typewriter. If you've ever written an article, you'll know what kind of concentration that requires.

Well, that's it for this time. Please feel free to comment directly to me on the needs in the literature area or on the content and appearance of the PT. I may be able to discuss some article possibilities with Mr. Armstrong as a result.

— Brian Knowles, Editorial Services

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Pastor General's ReportSeptember 11, 1978Vol 2 No. 35