Pastor General's Report

Today, I was reminded of just how important internal communication really is to our organization. The occasion that reaffirmed this to me was a meeting held this Monday afternoon, September 11. I called a meeting of all employees which report to Facility Management (this is a conglomerate of service departments which operate on campus to serve the Church, College and Foundation). This was the first such employee meeting since the new configuration took shape in May.

Since there are usually questions of general interest concerning the state of the Work, I invited Mr. Rader to join us. He happily consented to attend the meeting and address the employees. Once all the meeting arrangements were made, however, requests began to trickle in from other departments as to whether they might be included. Of course, we extended invitations to anyone expressing interest. The result was an audience of about 500 employees.

Following my and Mr. Rader's brief presentations, the meeting was opened up to general questions directed to Mr. Rader. The resultant questions were excellent and of general interest. Mr. Rader fielded a vast array of questions from the audience concerning all aspects of the Work and its activities. He dispelled rumors about QUEST magazine by indicating that Mr. Armstrong would review the status of the magazine early next year, since as of December 31, 1978, it would not require further funding. He mentioned that several publishing organizations have expressed interest in purchasing QUEST and making it their "flagship" publication.

He addressed questions concerning the Everest House and Imperial House publishing arms of the Church. The former will publish secular books and the latter, religious material. In fact, Imperial will publish Mr. Armstrong's first book, The Incredible Human Potential.

A question was raised as to the resumption of Mr. Armstrong's overseas activities in the near future. Mr. Rader indicated that current plans are for three trips overseas within the following year, the first one being at the end of November and beginning of December. None will be no more than 10 days duration. These trips are scheduled for the Middle East, Far East, and Europe.

Concern was expressed for Mr. Armstrong and his long, strenuous work days. It was mentioned that he was counseled to slow down, but unsuccessfully. He continues to write, make television broadcasts and perform his responsibilities for 14 to 16 hours daily.

Other subjects of interest discussed were The PLAIN TRUTH, the status of the Church budget, Ambassador College, the Bricket Wood facility, etc.

Many were not aware that all foreign language broadcasts were inactive with the exception of the French work. Mr. Rader stated that he would definitely inquire as to the eventual reinstatement of these broadcasts as a means of furthering our worldwide commission.

Mr. Rader noted that his line responsibilities involve his duties as Treasurer only in the financial area. Further, he commented that all of Mr. Armstrong's managers report directly to Mr. Armstrong. They each are responsible for their operations which include budgeting, hiring, firing, pay raises, promotions, etc. Mr. Rader said he is happy to interface and offer counsel to all managers, but they do not report to him.

By way of interest, each department is currently reviewing its operations to make budgetary adjustments to conform to projected income. The income is steady, but departmental requests have exceeded our projections for the 1978-79 fiscal year.

Since the comments and questions were of such general interest and were received so favorably, the content of the meeting will be reproduced in the next issue of the GOOD NEWS. I think you will see the tremendous benefit of this type of communication within the organization.

— Ellis LaRavia, Facility Manager

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Pastor General's ReportSeptember 11, 1978Vol 2 No. 35