Brian Knowles  

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Dean Blackwell who has been named as the Area Coordinator to replace Mr. Sherwin McMichael in the Big Sandy region. This assignment becomes effective immediately, so all of you ministers in that area should begin to look to Mr. Blackwell as your Coordinator.

Mr. and Mrs. McMichael will be moving to Pasadena following the Feast of Tabernacles. The Festival Department is to be relocated in Pasadena at the Church Headquarters and Mr. McMichael will continue to direct it. He will not only be engaged in Feast activity, but will also be a part of the Headquarters team of ministers offering counsel and advice concerning varying aspects of Pastoral Administration.

Mr. Blackwell is, as most of you realize, one of our senior ministers in the Church today. He was ordained in the mid 1950's and has served in varying capacities as a Church Pastor, as a District Superintendent, an instructor on the Big Sandy faculty and now as an Area Coordinator. He is a dedicated and loyal minister of God's Church, fully acquainted with its doctrines and has always been very energetic in fulfilling whatever responsibilities he has been given. He is' also my very close personal friend. I know he will be very effective with all you ministers in his area in giving you direction and encouragement in the fulfillment of your ministries.

Again, our congratulations to both Mr. Blackwell on his appointment, and to Mr. McMichaer on his move to Pasadena to be a part of the Headquarters team.

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Pastor General's ReportSeptember 11, 1978Vol 2 No. 35