Pastor General's Report
Roger G Lippross  

The Plain Truth newsstand program continues to expand. We now have one million magazines out on the racks each month, all of which are picked up by the public. Our worldwide circulation, including newsstands in all languages, is climbing steadily towards the three million mark. This is the figure Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong has quoted in the past as being a working minimum. The Plain Truth has not been above three million since 1973. Increasing circulation is a positive step and we intend, with your support, not to drop below this figure again. Our plans call for an expansion of the newsstand program as funds allow.

We are also working on several new ways of increasing our Plain Truth circulation. Our emphasis will be on a quality Plain Truth list rather than just pure quantity. We have found in the past that merely having big circulation figures is not the answer. Tests have shown that vast numbers of our old Plain Truth subscribers were not reading or even looking at the magazine. Now we are directing our efforts to people who show some initial interest. Based on information now available to us, from outside professional contacts experienced in direct mail, this group is very large indeed. In other words, we sow the seed on fertile soil. As we learn, we are using resources much more wisely. We in Plain Truth Circulation feel that direct mail will prove to be one of our most selective and effective methods of eventually giving people our message.

— Roger Lippross, Publishing Services

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Pastor General's ReportSeptember 05, 1978Vol 2 No. 34