Pastor General's Report

Greetings again fellow ministers:

Since I have missed getting something in the last couple of issues of the Pastor's Report, I wanted to be sure to write to you in this one.

On the Sabbath of August 5th the: Pittsburgh Church was combined with a number of the area churches for a 20th anniversary service. My wife Doris and I very well remember June 7, 1958, the first week the church in Pittsburgh met for services. At that time this new church was the only one east of Chicago!

It was great to see at this recent anniversary service quite a number of the faces that were present on the opening day in 1958. Our hopes and best wishes are that our brethren in the Pittsburgh area have many more "anniversaries" and fruitful years of service as members of this great Work of God.

By way of purely personal interest, I hope you will bear with me if I as a father mention that my only daughter was a beautiful bride at her marriage to Howard Davis in Vancouver, B.C. on August 16th. It was quite a thrill to be able to perform the ceremony for my own daughter. To make things even more special, Patricia and Howard decided to marry on the 25th wedding anniversary of my wife and me! I've been kidding about looking ahead when we have our 50th anniversary they'll have their 25th.

Mr. and Mrs. Burk McNair have been in Pasadena the past few days. They have just seen the marriage of two of their three children on consecutive days. Our congratulations to Burk and "Susie" McNair, and especially to their son Kerry and his wife — the former Debbie Wendt, and Karen Sue and her husband Mark Weaver.

There are a couple of items I especially want to comment on in this letter. First — rumors have apparently circulated widely that Y.O.U. has either been, or is to be, cancelled. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Rader did ask, on behalf of Mr. Armstrong, for a report from the administrative offices of Y.O.U. The purpose of this was primarily to inform Mr. Armstrong more about what Y.O.U. was, what its objectives and structure are, etc., and further, to enable Mr. Armstrong to make adjustments and give necessary guidance. Contrary to being cancelled, we hope to see Y.O.U. continuing to operate in an even more effective way. Mr. Armstrong has asked that it be a direct part of the total Church Administration area, so we will be directly involved in the future.

Let me quote for you a very brief report from the Y.O.U. office I just received:

During the recent Y.O.U. Regional Coordinators' Conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah, much was accomplished in the way of planning, scheduling and preparing for the up coming Y.O.U. events for the 1978- 79 year. One of the main areas of discussion was the way in which future regional and national competitions would be conducted under the new twelve region delineation.

Upon completion of the conference, Jim Thornhill assured all of those present that the future of Y.O.U. looked extremely bright with many new and exciting ideas to be implemented in this coming year.

The other item I wanted to have covered in this Pastor's Report is the "Human Potential Center." We felt it good to update you on this center of activity and redefine objectives, plans, etc., so I have asked Art Mokarow to cover this in some notes immediately following this letter.

That's it for this time.

C. Wayne Cole

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Pastor General's ReportAugust 21, 1978Vol 2 No. 32