Pastor General's Report
Robert L Kuhn  

Under Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong's leadership and direction, several changes are being made which should significantly strengthen the day-by-day administration and future growth of the Work. The primary objective of these changes is to maximize the capacity of our individual department heads to function as effectively and efficiently as possible and as a coherent unit.

In the Financial Affairs area, Mr. Armstrong has elimianted the office of "Vice-President " and Mr. Stanley Rader, in his current position as Treasurer of the Church, will continue as the chief financial officer. Mr. Ray Wright, continuing in his responsibilities in Financial Affairs, has become Mr. Rader's deputy. Furthermore, Mr. Armstrong has asked Mr. Rader to coordinate for him all media activities of the Work on a day-by-day basis. This is particularly desirable not only because of Mr. Rader's obvious external expertise, but also because of his real appreciation for the internal subtleties, interactions and interdependencies of the Work's overall multimedia organization.

Mr. Armstrong has been and will continue to be directing all aspects of media. He is especially concerned about and very personally involved in the content of television, radio, the PT, GN and booklets. He is continuing to make new television programs, writing for the PT and GN, and rewriting many of our major booklets. His primary desire is to increase the impact of our message. A media team has been designed to back up Mr. Armstrong by determining and recommending the best means of distribution.

In this regard, Mr. Rader is establishing a thoroughly professional, well-organized "media analysis and coordination team" which will include the leadership of the ministry, including Mr. C. Wayne Cole in the core group and Mr. Art Mokarow in the support group, as well as the most competent people from publishing, editorial, television and media, subscriber services, data processing, accounting, legal, etc. I am personally pleased that Mr. Armstrong has approved Mr. Rader's recommendation that I be assigned to assist him in a variety of activities including the coordination of these areas.

As we know, effective and efficient utilization of media, in the broadest sense of the term, is an essential part of "doing the Work." We shall strive to improve all present programs: half hour TV; half hour radio; spot commercials; print ads; PT newsstands; PT and GN content; booklets; correspondence course; subscriber services; etc. and investigate new techniques and innovative ideas, such as direct mail (which preliminary tests show to be very promising), booklets in supermarkets, special Bible-teaching TV programs, etc. Thus Mr. Armstrong will put his full efforts into evaluating all aspects of media for the express purpose of maximizing results, thereby doing the Work stronger than ever.

The media team will be meeting regularly. Carefully prepared agendas will be distributed several days before each meeting. Presentations will be made, and open and free discussions encouraged. Summaries will be distributed following each meeting and then excerpted for the Pastor's Report. We plan to involve the ministry in terms of creative input for more effective utilization of, and feedback about, our various media programs.

Under Mr. Armstrong's overall policy direction, with the utilization of our most telented and competent people, and with the freedom for full creativity, God's Church should experience great growth in the months and years ahead.

Robert Kuhn

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Pastor General's ReportAugust 21, 1978Vol 2 No. 32