Pastor General's Report
Ted Herlofson  

Mr. Wayne Cole is down with a (hopefully) slight case of the flu after returning from a visit to the Pittsburgh area. Overall his health has been good lately, so this illness shouldn't hold him down too long.

Mr. Herbert Armstrong's office asked that we keep abreast of what the various newspapers across the nation are saying. Since you all regularly send normal news clippings in to the News Bureau, perhaps you could also begin to include items affecting the Church.

Also, it might be appropriate to use the same avenue to send us dissident printed materials in order to keep HQ abreast of developments.

I might mention that things are going quite well at HQ as far as Ministerial Services is concerned. We appreciate our daily contacts with each of you and the good level of response you give.

The current policies and procedures seem adequate to most situations encountered; at least it seems that is a rational explanation for the smooth functioning we've been experiencing.

Administrative policies, of course, are only guidelines which help insure uniformity. However, policies can eventually outlive their usefulness. When that happens we hope to be alert enough to meet the need. Having your help and cooperation makes meeting the need that much easier.

Next Pastor's Report we'll include some information on the 1978-79 budget that I'm sure you will find pleasing and helpful.

— Ted Herlofson, Ministerial Services

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Pastor General's ReportAugust 07, 1978Vol 2 No. 30