Recent Developments In Editorial ServicesRecent Developments In Editorial Services
Brian Knowles  

Been on vacation for a few weeks first time I've taken a complete vacation since being in the Work. While away I managed to get a good start on several PT articles and catch up on my reading. Have to fill the well, you know...

Contrary to an absurd rumor I heard, I was not in Colorado "conspiring" with anyone I was in Canada staying with relatives and getting sick the last week. No matter what anyone is saying, I had no contact whatsoever with Mr. GTA during the entire vacation period. Rumors can certainly be maddening!

In any event, plans are proceeding well for the biblical supplement to be added to the current PT. Because we are working so far ahead, however, the first installment may not show up until November or December. Many have expressed great enthusiasm for the supplement Frank Brown believes it will be a great help to the Work in England. We certainly hope so!

We have some fresh copy on hand from Mr. Herbert Armstrong for the PT and that will appear in the next issue we are working on October/November.

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Pastor General's ReportJuly 18, 1978Vol 2 No. 27