Pastor General's Report
Publishing Services UpdatePublishing Services Update
Roger G Lippross  

By the time you read this the August edition of the Plain Truth will be coming off the presses at a new location. The printer is still R. R. Donnelley, but we are now printing at the Glasgow, Kentucky facility. The change was made at our request to give us better service.

A small point of interest regarding the Plain Truth on the Newsstands. As you know, the magazine has a card inserted for readers to return to us for a regular subscription. The interesting point is that cards from magazines from October and November of 1977 are still being returned to us. This conveys the vision of a would-be subscriber carrying a card in his wallet or purse for 6-8 months before finally getting around to mailing it.

With the planned sale of Quest magazine we are poised to hand over production to the new owners. We don't anticipate great staff layoffs in the pre-press area because of the planned increase in Plain Truth size and worldwide booklet production. Mr. Stan Rader recently wrote me a memo complimenting the staff on their fine work for the AICF publications. Whatever our personal feelings are about the magazine, we cannot downgrade the production quality which, by the way, is now used as a standard in the Publishing industry. The major credit for this reproduction quality goes largely to our production people here in Pasadena.

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Pastor General's ReportJuly 10, 1978Vol 2 No. 25