Pastor General's Report
Personal From H.W.A.Personal From H.W.A.

Surely God's Ministers do not spread rumors above all, false ones.

It has just come to my attention that a rumor has been circulating implying that I do not have complete confidence in Mr. C. Wayne Cole. I hasten to my typewriter to CORRECT THIS.

Let me state definitely:

1) I do have complete confidence in Mr. Cole, in his integrity, sincerity and loyalty.

2) Now that I have recovered from the illness occasioned by heart failure last August, I am back in the saddle. Contrary to reports given by dissidents to the public press, nothing is going on at Head- quarters behind my back. What is going on is precisely what I am directing day by day and I am at all times fully aware of what is transpiring in all departments.

In every way GOD'S WORK is skyrocketing ahead now, as it has not in a decade. There is NO DIVISION at Headquarters. There is NO DOUBT of WHO is IN CHARGE. Jesus Christ is RUNNING THE WORK. He uses me as His Apostle. We are now functioning as a UNIFIED TEAM all solidly together under this Leadership. Let's all REJOICE, and hold up the hands carrying the chief administrative responsibilities in the MOST IMPORTANT WORK ON EARTH!

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Pastor General's ReportJuly 10, 1978Vol 2 No. 25