Pastor General's Report
New HWA Radio & TV ProgrammingNew HWA Radio & TV Programming
John Lundberg  

The editing of Mr. Herbert Armstrong's first half-hour television program was completed on June 16. As with any new endeavor, the first program took a great deal more time and effort, since the crew was dealing with an entirely new product. For example, a new logo or introduction had to be produced, as well as an appropriate commercial and ending.

Both Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Rader seemed pleased with the results of the first half-hour program, which will begin airing in July. Subsequent programs should be markedly improved over the first. We will have both 3/4" video cassette and 1/2" Betamax tapes available for any minister who would desire to see one of the half-hour programs. Film copies are not available at this time. Send your requests to the TV Studio.

All monitors will receive updated information as new time slots are purchased for the telecast of the new half-hour H.W.A. programming. Hope to have a listing of radio and T.V. available for the next report.

We are presently preparing commercials for the proposed spot campaign to begin sometime in July, advertising various booklets such as "Modern Romans" and others. Perhaps advertising will also be considered for the Plain Truth magazine. More on this as plans develop.

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Pastor General's ReportJune 26, 1978Vol 2 No. 23