Pastor General's Report
Co-Worker Newsletter Brings New Record ResponseCo-Worker Newsletter Brings New Record Response

The April "Co-worker Newsletter" attained a new record high in literature responses by the end of May! Subscriber Development advertised the new booklet, Coming - A New Age, and a record 18.7% of all co-workers responded.

This excellent response could primarily be attributed to the fact that new literature was being offered, and that a flyer/card combination was used to make it easier for the readers to request the booklet.

Total Literature Response Still Up: In addition to the good news about Coming - A New Age, total literature requests for the entire year have also remained high. By the end of May we had received 571,470 lit responses for the fiscal year, and 1,474,636 actual pieces of literature were requested. This was a 29% increase over last year's 443,854 responses. It is our hope that this interest in our literature will continue through the remainder of the year, and as more of the Work's spiritual booklets and articles are read, we expect to see deeper growth and involvement from many subscribers.

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Pastor General's ReportJune 19, 1978Vol 2 No. 22