Greetings Again Pastors WorldwideGreetings Again Pastors Worldwide

Mr. Herbert Armstrong spoke to a combined audience in Pasadena this past Sabbath. The auditorium was filled and the sermon was seen by many hundreds more via closed-circuit television in the college and Imperial gymnasiums.

The sermon was taped in order to be televised as part of a series of telecasts Mr. Armstrong is producing. He said the program being made this past Sabbath was the seventh of this current series.

It was great to see the power and depth Mr. Armstrong is putting into his sermons. If any have wondered whether he is physically up to fulfilling the work he has before him, then he should witness just one of Mr. Armstrong's appearances before the church. God certainly is giving him clarity, alertness, power and inspiration.

On Sunday afternoon, Mr. Armstrong performed the marriage ceremony for Mr. and Mrs. Rader's daughter, Carol, and her husband, Larry Little, at the Rader home. Later Sunday evening Mr. Armstrong returned to, his home in Tucson.

Mr. Armstrong has informed me that he intended to return to Pasadena this next Sabbath to preach to the combined headquarters churches on the day declared as a day of fasting throughout the church.

Another of the major events that has taken place this week has been the naming of Mr. Dibar Apartian to the position of Director of the French Work worldwide. Mr. Herbert Armstrong made the appointment and asked Mr. Apartian to proceed immediately to Europe to address himself to needs in the French language churches.

After Mr. Apartian returns from Europe, perhaps we can have a more detailed report concerning the success of his trip and the status of the French Work of God.

Sorry for the brevity of this letter. These Pastor's Report copy deadlines come around very quickly. With the many appointments, telephone calls and other time-demanding duties, it's difficult to keep up with everything.

God is with us! Christ is our leader! We are His servants! There is no need for fear or doubt. Please "be strong in the Lord." Pray for guidance and set an example of dedication and resolve before God's people. Our prayers are with you. Please pray for Mr. Armstrong and others of us as God's Work is performed.

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Pastor General's ReportJune 19, 1978Vol 2 No. 22