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Development Of Education Programs - A Progress ReportDevelopment Of Education Programs - A Progress Report
Robert L Kuhn  

Those of us who have been hard at work developing the programs and curriculum for the School of Biblical and Ministerial Studies are quite enthusiastic about our opportunity to implement Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong's policy decision dedicating Ambassador College to directly serve the Church. For well over a year now, Mr. Armstrong has been telling many of US that he is "not in the college business" and that Ambassador College must focus its educational activities on the development of biblically-trained and ministerial personnel (whether in our employ or not) who can then directly help in the building of the Church.

Mr. Armstrong also instructed us that he wanted about 250 students in this program (with some flexibility allowed for the transitional period) in order to significantly shift dollars from our previous educational efforts into the Church's primary commission of preaching the gospel. (Although the specific number of 250 students is a more recent directive, it has been well known that Mr. Armstrong has desired to make these changes in the Church's educational activities for some time.)

Presently, we are making excellent strides in planning and organizing what we trust will become the very best academic program in the history of Ambassador College with the finest faculty (dedicated to God's Work, professionally trained and all individually approved by Mr. Armstrong), a highly efficient utilization of space and financial resources and, most important, the firm intention to support Mr. Armstrong's decisions to develop a highly-focused educational program to benefit the Church, especially as it facilitates the training of Church wide manpower, who can then effectively serve in the local congregations.

The enclosed brochures represent the collective, intensive efforts of our leading administrators and faculty. They portray a conceptual overview that has become one of the primary goals of our institution: to concentrate on content rather than form, to emphasize instruction rather than administration, and to focus on those academic areas where we are expert and unique (biblical understanding, counseling, etc.).

By fall, we should have a full catalog to send to prospective students fully explaining the programs, curriculum and social and recreational opportunities available at Ambassador. Though there is much work to be done, we fully expect the whole Church will become as excited as we are now about the School.

On behalf of the entire faculty and administration, Dr. Geis and I would like to re-emphasize what Mr. Cole requested in his letter: Please communicate to your congregations all about Ambassador College's new School of Biblical and Ministerial Studies. Please emphasize our collective and enthusiastic support for Mr. Armstrong's policies regarding the College. Encourage interested members to apply, especially those who you feel would eventually be able to make positive contributions to the Church as a result of completing such a program.

We really desire to develop the programs most relevant for helping God's ministry build and strengthen the Church and serve the brethren. Let us know how we can be more effective. We appreciate your support.

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Pastor General's ReportMay 31, 1978Vol 2 No. 19