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The School Of Biblical And Ministerial StudiesThe School Of Biblical And Ministerial Studies

As recently announced, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong has established the Ambassador College School of Biblical and Ministerial Studies on the Pasadena campus beginning this fall semester. The three programs offered by the school are designed to meet the specific needs of the church at this time. While the enclosed brochures give many of the details of the three programs, I would like to give all of you the broad overview regarding the school.

With the discontinuation of the four-year liberal arts undergraduate program, Ambassador College, as the educational arm of the church, will now focus its attention on those areas of biblical, ministerial, and professional studies which are unique to Ambassador and are most relevant to the objectives of the church. We would like you to announce these new programs to your congregations and make the brochures available to those who might be interested in the particulars.

You are already familiar with the Certificate of the Ministry program, which is not only being continued, but is being made even more directly responsive to the current needs of the ministry. Beginning this fall, this program will be open only to ordained ministers. A number of the courses (or certain sections of courses) will be specifically designed for the ministers enrolled in the program.

The following two new programs should be of special interest to the members of your congregations:

The Diploma in Biblical Studies

A one-year (thirty unit) undergraduate level (non-degree) program leading to a Diploma in Biblical Studies will be open to qualified high school graduates and college students. This program is designed to provide biblical understanding and to promote spiritual and personal development. Students will acquire the essence of the educational experience which has been distinctive to Ambassador College.

The diploma program is primarily oriented toward the young people of the church; that is, the college age men and women who traditionally have attended Ambassador College. In addition to formal coursework, there will be numerous extracurricular opportunities including social activities, men's and women's clubs, recreational athletics, personal counseling, and career guidance.

Qualified students may enter the program immediately after high school or during their college years (either in summer sessions or regular academic year).

The Master of Arts in Religious Studies

A two-year (sixty unit) graduate level program leading to a Master of Arts in Religious Studies will be open to qualified applicants who hold a bachelor's degree from Ambassador College (any campus) or other approved institutions. This program will have specializations in church leadership and development, marriage and family counseling, journalism, church educational programs, and youth ministry.

The main purpose of the master's program is to provide a means whereby you,as a pastor of a congregation, can build a team of fully qualified men and women to assist you in developing and administering the various programs and support systems in your local area.

Anyone in your congregation who might be interested in either program may write to the Admissions Office for application forms and information.

Those of us who have been involved in the planning and development of the school are excited about what we are going to be able to accomplish with these programs and feel that the new school should be a very effective means of utilizing our educational resources. We hope you will convey our enthusiasm to the brethren. Perhaps you can post a copy of each brochure on your church bulletin board for all the brethren to see.

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Pastor General's ReportMay 31, 1978Vol 2 No. 19