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Editorial Services UpdateEditorial Services Update
Brian Knowles  

Lesson 12 of the Correspondence Course has run into a few last minute snags, but things are rolling again and it should be out soon. (I'm beginning to feel like the boy who cried "Wolf!" on that one!)

The two new booklets, Tale of Two Prophets and Coming A New Age are doing well we've sent out about 40,000 of each in the weeks since they've been printed.

Dexter Faulkner has been in England with his mother and some other relatives for the past couple of weeks. While there he received a phone call announcing that he would become the new managing editor of the Worldwide News. He will be replacing outgoing managing editor, John Robinson. John was responsible for getting the church newspaper started nearly five years ago. His work and professionalism have been much appreciated. He and his staff have done an excellent job over the years in keeping the church up to date on internal developments and in keeping the lines of communication open. The decision to change managing editors was made by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and announced by Mr. Wayne Cole this past week.

John will be taking up a new assignment to pastor the Fort Worth, Texas church. Dexter is assuming immediate responsibility on the newspaper. Fuller reports appear in the latest issue of the Worldwide News.

We've been having a little difficulty getting copy ready for the August issue of the PT due to all the recent administrative and personnel changes. Nevertheless it looks like a good issue.

That's it for this time.

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Pastor General's ReportMay 22, 1978Vol 2 No. 18