Pastor General's Report
Lit Catalog Produces Good Growth In CC EnrollmentsLit Catalog Produces Good Growth In CC Enrollments

Since the small, full-color brochure called the "Literature Catalog" was first sent out in October 1976, its mailings have produced 46,000 Correspondence Course enrollments. (The Lit Catalog is sent to all new subscribers as an introduction to about 20 of our booklets and articles. The Correspondence Course is one of the items mentioned).

These 46,000 new CC students were 43% of the total 106,000 enrollments in that time period and represented the highest single source for new CC students. The Correspondence Course has been a very valuable spiritual tool for the Work through the years. We look forward to using it effectively in the months to come as more new listeners and subscribers join the mailing list.

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Pastor General's ReportMay 10, 1978Vol 2 No. 16