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Sabbatical Ministers Offer Ideas On Ministerial TransfersSabbatical Ministers Offer Ideas On Ministerial Transfers
Pastor General Staff  

Among the many aspects of our jobs as ministers, perhaps one of the most dramatic is the so-called "ministerial transfer." While the ministry in all churches experience this phenomenon, perhaps we have gone through a bit more than most. Since we are a part of a "mobile ministry," "pilgrims in the earth," and since our moves do have such an impact on churches and individual brethren (and each other!), we ought to become professional in this phase of our jobs as well. All of us on the Certificate of the Ministry Program closely identify with this approaching reality. We want to share our concern and thinking with all of the ministry via this article giving some pointers, guidelines, and methods we think will help in making any ministerial move smooth, administratively efficient, and as devoid of excessive emotional strain as possible.

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Pastor General's ReportMay 01, 1978Vol 2 No. 15