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What am I: I am a town about 30 miles south of Jerusalem. A very famous person was born here. A star led the Magi to me.

Matthew 2:1-5
The Move to TexasThe Move to Texas
Pastor General Staff  

"Fantastic!" That's the general comment here in the Shreveport Church concerning the announcement that Ambassador College is moving to Big Sandy, Texas. We're with you 100%. In this and everything you're doing to make the Work more profitable in getting the Gospel to the world. Mr. Armstrong, about two weeks ago when you were in Longview, Texas dining at the Cantoon Restaurant, you met a man from Shreveport, a dentist who is Jewish, and his family. He's my dentist. He was so delighted to meet you. He called me and told me about it. It's really great that you take time with strangers the way you do. You really made a good impression on him, but then guess that's a part of what "letting your light shine" is all about...

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Pastor General's ReportApril 24, 1978Vol 2 No. 14