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What am I: I was on the earth forty days and forty nights. I destroyed every living thing on the face of the earth, leaving only eight people alive.
The flood.

Genesis 7
Pastor General's Report
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Pastor General Staff  

MPC is just beginning to receive reactions to the new live half-hour radio programs and the decision to move the undergraduate college to Big Sandy. This week's comments primarily concern these two items. Half-hour Broadcasts; GTA back on radio for a half hour: Hooray: There is no one on earth like Mr. Armstrong. Thank God you're on. - Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bianchi (Tucson, AZ) - What a joy to hear the half-hour program again on radio these past two mornings. I hadn't realized how much we had missed them. Please keep them coming. - Jerry Arebalo (Paso Robles, CAI).

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Pastor General's ReportApril 24, 1978Vol 2 No. 14