Pastor General's Report
Funerals: Another Opportunity To Be A LightFunerals: Another Opportunity To Be A Light
Richard J Frankel  

Since mentioning in church that I would be glad to help out at funerals of relatives or friends of members and prospective members, I have preached at three funerals.

Last week a friend of a PM died and the family had no one to turn to, 80 Gary Mayer told them "My minister would be glad to help." family was so appreciative of the hope and encouragement contained in the sermon that after the funeral they mentioned that if they were ever in need of counseling they would contact us.

I asked Gary to offer the family (they are very poor) the $35.00 the funeral director handed me. Instead, they insisted it go to the church.

As a suggestion, perhaps many of us can help fill an important need in the lives of non-member families and friends when the death of a loved one occurs. The truth we can present at such an event can offer much comfort and hope and harmonizes magnificently with our new thrust!

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Pastor General's ReportApril 24, 1978Vol 2 No. 14