Pastor General's Report
Graduate School Faculty NamedGraduate School Faculty Named
Leslie E Stocker  

Just four months remain until the opening of Ambassador Graduate School of Theology and progress is rapidly being made. The full-time faculty of the school has now been appointed. Some part-time faculty members have also been named, and a few others are still being considered as finer points of the curriculum are developed.

One common denominator of the entire graduate school faculty is the fact that all members have accomplished their undergraduate work at Ambassador College in years past. Most of them are ordained ministers of the Worldwide Church of God with pastoral experience at headquarters as well as in the field. In addition, most of the men named are deeply involved in other areas of the Work which are also related to their fields of expertise.

All eleven full-time faculty members hold one or more graduate degrees including four who have doctorates and three who are doctoral candidates. Several others are currently pursuing doctoral programs in their areas of specialization.

The faculty members (in approximate alphabetical order) with their general subject areas are: David Albert and David Antion, counseling; Greg Albrecht, homiletics; Gunar Freibergs, church history; George Geis, human development; Lester Grabbe, New Testament studies; Brian Knowles, theological journalism; Robert Kuhn, systematic theology and church doctrine; Richard Linton and Arthur Mokarow, administration and leadership: Steve Martin, professional studies; Robert Oberlander, church educational programs; Richard Paige, Old Testament studies; and John Robinson and Les Stocker, theological journalism and mass communications.

Of those named, Brian Knowles, Steve Martin, Art Mokarow, and John Robinson will serve on a part-time basis due to their primary responsibilities in other areas of the Work.

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Pastor General's ReportApril 24, 1978Vol 2 No. 14