Pastor General's Report
Impact Of New Booklet In BritainImpact Of New Booklet In Britain
Frank Brown  

In a "first" for the Work in Britain and Ireland, over 20,000 copies of the brand new 16-page booklet "Kiddie Porn Causes and Cures" (essentially a compilation of the recent P.T. articles on the subject) are being sent to M.P.'s, schools, the media and church and civic leaders throughout the region. The mailing is being timed to coincide with the passage through Parliament of the "Protection of Children Bill, "legislation similar to that recently enacted by the U.S. House of Representatives by 401 votes to nil.

A taped interview with noted child educational psychologist Doctor Ludwig F. Lowenstein has also gone to 25 local radio stations for immediate use, and phone-in programmes featuring representatives of the Work will be run on a further two stations. Nearly 60 M.P.'s, including Edward Heath, ex-Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, present Leader of the Opposition and David Steel, leader of the Liberal Party, have already written in expressing their support for the effort we have made. A number of prominent newspapers have also featured the story which was nationally wire-released.

In view of its success in this venture, the idea of promoting a booklet on a topical issue to opinion-leaders will be repeated on suitable occasions in the future. In press coverage, the names Plain Truth and Worldwide Church of God have been prominently featured.

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Pastor General's ReportApril 17, 1978Vol 2 No. 13