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Pastor General's Report
Ambassador Graduate School Of Theology To Open In AugustAmbassador Graduate School Of Theology To Open In August
Pastor General Staff  

The Ambassador Graduate School of Theology will begin operation this autumn in Pasadena. The school has been specifically designed to serve the needs of the Worldwide Church of God ministry on a short-term as well as long-term basis. This will include much more than just formal degree programs: a number of educational services for the entire church and ministry are being planned. At a recent forum for students, faculty, and employees of the college (Thursday, April 13), Garner Ted Armstrong stated that "Ambassador Graduate School of Theology has as its purpose to become the intellectual, spiritual, and sociological heart of the Church around which would center a variety of important activities directly enhancing the growth and development of the Church." To fulfill such a purpose, the graduate school will need the participation of ministers near and far.

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Pastor General's ReportApril 17, 1978Vol 2 No. 13